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Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore)


Florence, Italy

Fun Facts:

  • Constructed between 1296 and 1436
  • Only the foundation was completed before construction was halted due to the Black Plague, which killed 4/5 of Florence's population
  • It has the largest masonry dome in the world
  • It is actually a dome within a dome - there is a smaller dome inside the larger one to help support it.  The inner dome is made of sandstone and marble and the outer one is brick and mortar
  • The outside of the basilica is made of marble
  • Fillipo Brunelleschi, the architect who built the dome, had no architectural training or experience
  • The Pantheon in Rome was the inspiration for the Duomo
  • It is the 3rd largest cathedral in the world
  • You can climb 463 stairs on go out on the top of dome
  • Michelangelo’s David was created from a block of marble left over from the construction to the Duomo

Process And Size Guidelines

I handcraft each piece in my home studio, located just outside of Kansas City, MO.

Most of the photos I use were taken by me on my travels near and far.    I review each photo, looking for striking colors and strong structural elements.    If you think of the entire design as a pie, I am looking for a perfect “slice” of pie within the picture.  Once I find it, the slice is mirrored and repeated in a circular fashion to create the whole pie, i.e. the kaleidoscopic design.


The design then is printed multiple times onto photo paper and I hand cut different elements from each copy of the design with scissors (yes, scissors!). After the cutting is done, I reassemble the pieces into tiered layers separated by foam core, creating the unique three-dimensional kaleidoscopic effect.  Finally, I mount the piece onto mat board and frame it in a shadow box, adding a small copy of the original photo to the piece.



Each design is available in multiple sizes.  The larger the piece, the more layers the design will have, which gives you even greater depth and dimension.  The larger size also allows for more intricate cutting, providing more texture and more "wow"!


Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions Frame Color
9.75" x 9.75" x 2" 9" x 9" x 1.5" Black
13.5" x 13.5" x 2.75" 12" x 12" x 2.25" Black
18.5" x 18.5" x 4" 16" x 16" x 3" Custom made reclaimed cedar with museum quality plexiglass front